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Do you dread those first few morning steps after getting out of bed? Tired of limping around by the end of the day? Primera Foot & Ankle centers is Atlanta’s premiere team of specialist who focus on heel pain treatment and surgery. If you are one of the many individuals who have not responded to conservative treatments, our doctors can offer you surgical options that can relieve your pain. To help you better understand the Primera Heel Surgery process, below outlines what you should know before you finally take care of that nagging pain!


rtemagicc_snellville_foot_doctor_louis_jimenez__dpm-jpgSurgery for heel pain is reserved for those individuals who have experienced unsuccessful results with conservative treatments. This may have included trying things such as shoe modifications, orthotics (shoe inserts), and injections. In the event that both feet are hurting, we highly prednisone recommend only operating on one foot at a time. We recommend delaying heel surgery on your other foot for a few weeks, as this ensures adequate time for the first foot to heal.

Surgery for heel pain is performed in an outpatient setting (you go home immediately after your procedure). As the surgery is typically performed under twilight sleep anesthesia, we do not permit patients to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery and patients are not permitted to drive themselves home after the prednisone surgery. In addition to the twilight anesthesia (intravenous (IV) medication) that you will receive, we will also numb your foot with an anesthetic to ensure your complete and maximum comfort. We will give you a prescription for pain medicine in addition to an anti-inflammatory. We recommended that you obtain this prior to your procedure so that you have everything ready upon your return home after surgery.

Just so we’re all on the same page, lets nizagara take a closer look at the actual procedure!

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