In an industry that is continually evolving and where customer service is rare, our mission is not easy. Yet we have dedicated our business model around a vision that challenges the way medicine is practiced and redefines the way surgery is experienced. At Primera Health Group, we believe in thinking differently. Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, as our goal is to give you the ultimate experience in quality care. The way we challenge the healthcare evolution is by offering the most up-to-date surgical procedures, use cutting edge technology, and offer a first-rate experience. We just happen to do great surgery with a passion for customer service.


Primera Foot & Ankle Centers, a branch of Primera Health Group, pride themselves on their focus of foot and ankle aesthetics. In addition to using the latest in surgical cosmetic techniques, we offer patients the foremost in laser technology and health spa novelties. Not only do we offer a first-rate treatment but the quality of our facilities demonstrate our passion towards professionalism and our commitment to your experience. Our team of surgeons invests time in both attending and teaching prestigious continued education courses as it is our duty to ensure that we offer our patients the finest in foot and ankle surgical and aesthetic techniques. We are the only podiatry practice in Atlanta to focus our attention away from the ”Old School” ways of foot and ankle care into an innovative and relaxing spa experience.

Serving patients in Atlanta and the Southeast, Primera Health Group is Atlanta’s premiere center to renew your feet. If you’re concerned about taking care of your feet or experiencing a foot, ankle or leg problem, Primera Foot & Ankle Surgeons provides the most effective and innovative solutions. Our physicians are board certified in both forefoot and rearfoot cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and specialize in treatment for all conditions from children to adults. We use only the most sophisticated diagnostics and advanced imaging services including ultrasound, MRI, CT, and digital X-rays. Our state-of-the-art PDR X-ray imaging system gives unmatched clarity and fast results to speed your diagnosis. Solving your foot problems and revitalizing your feet and legs is our first priority. In that effort, our Atlanta podiatrists and staff are committed to the highest level of medical and aesthetic foot care provided in a welcoming, patient-focused environment. We look forward to the privilege of being your personal podiatrists whether you live in metro Atlanta, the state of Georgia, or beyond.


In addition to our therapeutic and surgical services, Primera Health Group truly is Atlanta’s total foot center, as we have created a full line of cosmetic and restorative services to accompany your needs. We have taken podiatry to a true, state-of-the-art level with cutting edge laser therapies, elite aesthetic treatments and our exclusive medical foot spa, all part of Primera Laser & Foot Spa. Additionally, we employ certified medical nail technician™ (CMNT), who are state licensed nail technician or cosmetologist that have completed the advanced nail technician certification. You can rest assured knowing that all services are physician designed for the highest level of medically safe procedures.

Your feet and spirit will be rejuvenated as each pedicure is waterless and begins with our unique laser disinfection process. Vitamin enriched, anti-fungal polishes and our exclusive spa products provide the ultimate in skin and nail care. We offer laser treatments for those unsightly spider veins and unnecessary hair as the entire carte du jour of laser services we provide within Primera Laser & Foot Spa have been clinically proven to be safe and effective. Primera Laser & Foot Spa is also now proud to offer the latest in laser treatment for fat removal. The I-Lipo laser has become established as a leading alternative to actual liposuction surgery. Whether prednisone you are enjoying a luxurious pampering in our spa overlooking the Atlanta skyline or you’re revitalizing your appearance with the latest in cosmetic lasers, we know that Primera Laser & Foot Spa will be your go-to place for rejuvenation!


Along with excellence in foot and ankle care, we aim to deliver unprecedented customer service and hospitality to our patients. We understand that quality care can be undermined by poor customer service and so we recognize the nizagara importance of maintaining the highest of standards when treating our patients. Our goal as a practice is to serve our patients with not only first-rate health care treatment but also equally importantly, a level of respect and professionalism that leaves patients with a sense of entitlement. Our patients are treated like family as we would expect to be treated the same way!

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We are a fully integrated medical practice that specializes in medical and surgical treatment for foot and ankle problems.