Patient Testimonials

I was very skeptical about the Laser therapy when it was introduced to me. I was afraid there would be side effects and that it was just another product on the market. After having 6 treatments I must say that I am 100% healed of my arch/foot pain and with no side effects. I would definitely recommend this treatment to any who is experiencing foot pain. Thanks A lot!

Angela W.

Since I have started using the Laser therapy, I have noticed a tremendous difference in my heel pain. I never imagined it would be as beneficial as it has been. Thank you so much Dr. Chris for recommending this treatment for me. I feel great!

Sharon R.

So far the laser therapy has been very helpful. No side effects or discomfort. Treatment time is short! Would highly recommend to anyone.

Angela W.

Thank you so much! The pain in my right big toe joint has relief after my 2nd laser treatment. Thank you!!!

Sheliah C.

After years of trying gimmicky ointments & lotions for discolored and brittle toe nails, I found Dr. Jason Morris. I had always been afraid to take the expensive prescription medicine considering the warnings you hear about on TV. Once I realized prednisone there was a laser that would take care of nail fungus, I was in. I was shocked at how quick the procedure took with absolutely no pain or discomfort.

Walt P.

Being a nurse I have high expectations when it comes to medical care. The entire Primera Podiatry staff was courteous and prompt and their state-of-the-art technology provides patients with an experience unlike any other. I injured my foot and called Primera the following morning. I was able to get a same day appointment and a treatment plan was established that day which included Primera’s MLS Robotic Laser therapy. The morning after the first treatment, the intense bruising and large hematoma miraculously disappeared from my foot. A couple of days later after treatment two, I could nizagara comfortably put on a shoe. Within three treatments, I was walking almost normally again. The MLS laser treatment is worth every penny and all without prescription medications or a lengthy recovery time.

Megan T.

I’ve suffered with prednisone toenail fungus for a long time. My primary care physician told me the only solution was to have my toenails removed and let them grow back. I couldn’t imagine dealing with that pain. Then I found Dr. Morris and this amazing new laser treatment. Dr. Morris was easy to talk to and explained the process in terms that I could understand. And, there was no pain. I couldn’t ask for more!

Mike W.

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