Primera Heel Pain Surgery


After your heel surgery and depending on the exact procedure done, typically there will be a sterile dressing on your foot for roughly a week. For those patients undergoing the minimally invasive EPF procedure, an even smaller dressing may be used! We do recommend using a walking boot to protect your foot while crutches, rolling walkers, and knee walkers are additional devices that may help assist prednisone you.

Patients can walk on the operative foot as tolerated immediately nizagara after surgery, unless otherwise instructed. All bandages are removed typically after a week and patients can begin transitioning to normal shoes. It’s best to confirm with your doctor regarding bathing, however, patients can typically wash the operated foot at this time.

It is recommended that patients take a minimum of 3 days off from work to recover from anesthesia and the procedure. Although your surgery is relatively minor, we do advise prednisone that your general activities are modified to accommodate for potential pain and swelling associated with the procedure. To further assist in your recovery, we may recommend additionally modalities to augment your procedure including the use of a cold compression therapy unit, topical pain cream, tens/ultrasound unit, and MLS (laser treatments) therapy. Our goal is get you back on your feet, pain free, as quickly as possible!

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