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At Primera Foot & Ankle Centers, we pride ourselves on our expertise in treating foot and ankle conditions of all kinds and for all ages so that you can get back to enjoying the activities that are a rich part of your life! Our advanced podiatry services include only the most sophisticated diagnostics to determine the source of your foot problem, with in-office equipment that includes the latest PDR digital x-ray imaging system, with unrivaled clarity for a speedy diagnosis. Our breakthrough laser therapies can often provide the fastest relief for foot problems, providing an alternative to invasive surgery. When surgery is required, our world-class doctors can schedule you in our on-site ambulatory surgical center and, for your convenience, also have privileges at local hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.

In addition to heel pain, some of the most common patient conditions include the following:

Bunions – A bunion occurs when there is too much pressure put on the big toe joint, causing swelling and tenderness. Contrary to popular belief, bunions are most often caused by a genetic predisposition, based on an inherited foot shape, rather than too-tight shoes. Flat feet and over-pronation can also contribute to bunions.

Fungal Nail Infections – One of the most common type of fungal nail infections is caused by the same fungi that often causes athletes foot, distal subungual onychomycosis (DSO). The fungi infects the skin under the nail bed. As pieces of skin debris build up under the nail, it may separate from the skin, causing pain and discomfort, especially when wearing shoes. Treatment of these infections should not be delayed and requires long-term dedication and patience. Laser therapy is a highly effective form of treatment for fungal nail infections.

Ingrown Toenails – This condition occurs when the nail grows into the flesh of the toe instead of over it and generally affects the big toe. Curved, thick nail texture can increase the likelihood of ingrown toenails, though improper grooming or a foot injury can also contribute. Not just a painful inconvenience, ingrown toenails require urgent treatment, especially for those with diabetes, vascular issues or any numbness in the toes. Serious complications can result, including the possibility of losing a limb.

Fractures – A fracture is a break in a bone that can range from a hairline crack to the bone breaking into two or more pieces. Symptoms include a snap felt at the moment of injury, swelling and bruising in the affected area and pain that increases with movement or pressure. If you suspect a bone fracture, please call our office immediately.

Hammer Toes – With this condition, which generally affects the smaller toes, the toe bends toward the floor and causes the middle joint to rise up, often as a result of an inherited foot shape. Though this condition causes only cosmetic concerns for some patients, painful effects can include bunions, corns and arthritis pain.

For these and other foot and ankle conditions, immediate intervention is vital. Many of us are remarkably good at enduring pain and discomfort at the cost of worsening our health and causing ever-more serious damage. Remember, failing to take the time out of your busy life to seek treatment now will likely mean a longer recovery period for you when the condition ultimately becomes unbearable.

We feel it’s important to educate our patients along with treating them and believe in a partnership of care. We are the only podiatry practice in Atlanta to focus our attention away from old school methods of foot and ankle care and instead on innovative treatment options and a collaborative experience. Serving patients with three convenient locations in prednisone Atlanta and the Southeast, Primera Health Group is Atlanta’s premiere center to renew your feet.

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