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If you are reading this page, you have probably had it with foot pain and are either ready or beginning to think about moving forward with removing that Painful Bunion! Our goal at Primera Foot & Ankle Centers is to make your surgical experience as positive and relaxing as possible. So to help you better understand the Primera Bunion Surgery process, below outlines what you should know before you Lose The Bump!


Corrective & Cosmetic Bunion Surgery is reserved for those individuals who have experienced unsuccessful results with conservative treatments such as shoe modifications and orthotics (shoe inserts). Common reasons patients seek surgical treatment for bunions include pain, difficulty fitting in shoes, unsightly appearance, hindrance with walking/activities, and an enlarging bump. When considering surgery, we highly recommend operating on only one foot at a time. This allows you to still have one good foot to walk on and ensures you a safer recovery with a more predictable outcome. Bunion surgery on the second foot is typically delayed a minimum of 6 weeks, ensuring adequate time for the prednisone first foot to heal.

There are a variety of surgical procedures that can correct your bunion and that largely in part is determined by the position of the bones in your great toe joint. Additional factors taken into consideration include age, weight, bone strength, and level of daily activities. The chosen Bunion procedure will impact your post-operative recovery including the protective device(s) that you will need, your ability to stand/walk on your foot, and the nizagara speed at which you can return to normal activities.

Bunion surgery is performed in an outpatient setting (meaning you go home the same day) and generally takes less than an hour to complete. The surgery is performed under twilight sleep anesthesia, meaning that an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist will provide intravenous (IV) medications to relax and provide you controlled sedation. Your foot will also be numbed with an anesthetic to ensure your complete and maximum comfort. Due to the IV sedation, we do not permit patients to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery and patients are not permitted to drive themselves home after the surgery. Lastly, a prescription for pain medicine and an anti-inflammatory will be given to you before your surgery. We recommended that you obtain this prior to your procedure prednisone so that you have everything ready upon your return home after surgery.

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