A bunion, (medical term: Hallux Abducto Valgus) is a condition that includes a boney prominence or ” Bump” along the inside of the foot at the big toe joint. There is typically some degree of mal alignment or abnormal position of the big toe as it compresses against and leans on the second toe. In severe cases the second toe can rest on top of the big toe! Additionally, most people develop extra bone that contributes to the enlarged “Bump” on the side of the foot. Add it all up and you have the make up of a classic Bunion

Atlanta Bunion With and Without ShoesFamily genetics are the main reason people develop a prominent Bunion. In fact, Bunions can first become noticeable in children and it is not uncommon for young teens to have surgery! Although they can become present early in life, Bunions typically develop slowly over time and it isn’t until later in life (ages 30s-60s) that most people tend to consider their surgical options. Individuals with flat feet are also more prone to experiencing Bunion pain. As the arch collapses and the foot becomes increasingly unstable, the joints involved in Bunions are directly influenced and unfortunately can progress to forming a prominent Bunion. While Shoes do not cause Bunions to form outright, tight pointing shoes will certainly influence and can expedite the development of a Bunion.


An increase in size of the Bunion Bump doesn’t prednisone necessarily mean more pain, as not all Bunions are painful. In fact some Bunions cause more pain to the eyes than the feet! For those Bunions that are painful, the discomfort can be attributed to various factors, the most common being the classic “Bump” pain. This pain, typically experienced after having your feet in shoes (sometimes crammed in tight shoes) all day, is a result of the direct physical contact and continual irritation. The Bunion may become irritated, red, warm, swollen and/or callused, with the pain ranging from dull and mild to severe and sharp.

Another source of pain, aside from the obvious “Bump” pain, is the change in the joint position and eventual break down of joint cartilage. This can create significant grinding pain within the joint itself and elicits pain every time the joint is moved. If your big toe appears to be bullying your smaller toes and pushing them around, there is a good chance that nizagara the cartilage within your big toe joint has changed for the worse. Finally, some individuals may also experience pain on the bottom of the foot as weight-bearing pressure is altered due to the change in the big toe position. In other words, as your big toe progress out of its normal position, a significant amount of pressure is dumped onto your second and third toe joints. In fact, sometimes the second toe joint will hurt before the Bunion hurts!

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